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Are you at a time in your life where you just can't handle the stress? The littlest things rattle you, and you are lacking focus and energy and connection.

I hear you, I've been there, I was you.

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What to expect

  • Breath - Breath is at the core of all Life Force. When we are not breathing correctly, it wreaks havoc on our health and we impact our bodies ability to handle stress and produce energy. Let me show you two of my favourite breathing exercises to implement now, so you can immediately improve your breathing function.
  • Mindset - The true potential of our mind is yet to be discovered. But let’s start with a process that we know improves day-to-day performance, mental and physical health, wellness, and wellbeing. Our Holistic Transformational Mindset Coach - Aneta, will show you how by creating a limitless mindset and tapping into personal power, you can achieve anything.
  • Movement - Most of us don’t even realise how much stress we are storing in our bodies. Join us in this simple Hip Mobility Sequence, specifically designed for people that sit down for long periods of time at work. Matt our head movement coach will share with you his favourite way to lubricate your joints, helping you to open up your hips and move better.

meet your coaches

Danielle Smith - Founder and breath coach

Dani has made it her life purpose to educate, empower and inspire people to be the best versions of themselves in Mind, Body and Soul. 
She is a qualified Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Wim Hof Instructor, Oxygen Advantage instructor Buteyko Method and is currently studying Yoga. 
Having worked with professional athletes, corporate businesses, recreational exercisers and people suffering from anxiety, as well as undergoing her own personal healing journey, Dani was able to change her own narrative to really teach her that breath and movement really is medicine. 

Aneta Siedlecka - Mindset Coach 

Aneta is a Holistic Transformational Mindset Coach who helps people tap into their own potential, unique gifts, talents, and limitless possibilities through a process that she calls ‘Human Engineering’. 

This process improves day-to-day performance, mental and physical health, and wellbeing and releases any blockages or limitations to success people might have. 

Aneta believes that by creating a limitless mindset and tapping into personal power we can achieve anything. 

Matt Wilbow - Head Movement Coach

Matt completed a BHSc Myotherapy and is also accredited in ‘Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Level 1’.

In addition, he is a certified ‘Kinetic Link Training (KLT) L2’ instructor, Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist, and has worked as a health and wellness coach for the past 10 years. 

Matt has a keen interest in rehabilitation and a holistic approach to health and wellness. When he is not helping people back to their optimum health, you will find him surfing at the local beaches.


Rebuild your health and wellness from the inside out.

High Value. High Impact. High Integrity practices delivered through education, empowerment & inspiration.
We’re here to help you build the foundations to create resilience and longevity, so you can Glow and Thrive and live your best life, period. 

There's no point in using crappy building products to create your dream house, so why do the same with your life? 

Let our expert coaches guide you in high quality, evidence-based practices to help you build a solid foundation for your health… and therefore reap the rewards! 

If you’re looking for solid and tangible practices to transform every aspect of your life, this is for you. When it comes to health, there are no short cuts!

what clients are saying

Real Results

I personally had the pleasure of being introduced to Dani and her incredible breathing techniques via a colleague at Kollosche. The simplicity, yet power of slowing down, being present and taking a moment for myself within my busy lifestyle has been profound.

Jamie Harrison, Australia.
Sales Agent Kollosche

We have been working with Aneta for the last 3 years as our Mindset Coach. Aneta is now an integral part of our team, supporting our customers with practical tools and relevent strategies to make real and lasting change with their health and fitness. We know at ASN that diet and exercise can only go so far, you need the right mindset to truly transform your health and that is what Aneta brings with her holistic approach.  

Carrie Aldous, California USA.
General Manager - ASN (Australian Sports Nutrition)

My retention time and breath capacity have improved 3 fold in the past few months. Danis's knowledge around the breath and method of teaching is outstanding. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get a little bit more out of their lungs.

Ben Morris, Australia.
Founder of The Fit Dad Project

I have an extremely stressful job that consumes most of my time; Aneta has helped me become more of a leader and not so much a manager so I can empower others! I also compete in Australian Master Surfing competitions, which has its own stress factors: she taught me to think like a Lion and not a Gazelle (I won the Queensland Surfing Titles to become the 2021 Queensland Masters Division Champion).

Graeme Fenton, Australia.
General Manager - Raptis


It's time to feed your mind, body & soul. 
Get instant access to the three-part video series below.


It's time to feed your mind, body & soul. 
Get instant access to the three-part video series below.

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